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Boujee Bites & Boards

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    Charcuterie Creations by Boujee Bites & Boards

    Crafting visually stunning charcuterie experiences in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, and beyond.

    Boujee Bites & Boards stands as a symbol of culinary excellence and passion. Our charcuterie offerings are not merely assortments of delectable bites but a carefully curated artistic journey. At the heart of our mission lies a desire to transform the mundane into memorable, creating an atmosphere of luxury and elegance at every gathering. By intertwining quality ingredients with an impeccable aesthetic, we ensure that every board becomes a centerpiece, drawing admiration and delight.

    Our range of services is as vast as the palettes we cater to. From daintily arranged individual charcuterie cups perfect for solo indulgence, to the grandeur of grazing tables that become the life of a party, we are attuned to the diverse needs of our clientele. And it’s not just about the look and taste. Anna Mae and her dedicated team go above and beyond to accommodate dietary preferences, be it gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joy of our creations.

    At the core of Boujee Bites & Boards is a belief that food has the power to weave stories and forge connections. With each board we design, we aim to cultivate an experience – one where flavors dance, conversations flow, and bonds strengthen. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we continuously innovate, ensuring that every interaction with us is marked by quality, creativity, and a touch of boujee brilliance.


    Why Our Clients Love Us


    After seeing Boujee Bites & Boards at another event, we became obsessed with the variety of food and flavors she includes in her boards and the incredible designs and attention to detail. We had a custom board made for an event and it was all our guests could talk about! Everyone kept filling their plates the entire evening!

    I love that Anna can work off of any theme or have a standard board that will take any event or gathering to the next level. She’s also very reasonably priced as the cherry on top. Can’t recommend enough and we look forward to future charcuteries!

    We ordered a large letter board for our daughters 2nd birthday and what was delivered was beyond our expectations! The board was so beautiful and you can see how much was time and detail was put into it. It was the perfect addition to her day and our guests couldn’t stop talking about it!! Not to mention it tasted AMAZING! So many unique treats! Thank you Boujee Bites & Boards!

    I was looking for a special birthday gift for my wonderful friend. We no longer live in the same town, and I wanted the perfect gift for her. I found Boujee Bites and Boards, so I gave her a call. She was just what I was looking for! And she was so accommodating! Knew exactly what I was looking for! And she delivered it! My friend was tremendously excited when she got the delivery! Thank you so much!

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