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Boujee Bites & Boards

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    Meet Anna Mae: The Vision Behind Boujee Bites & Boards

    Uniting passion for food and creativity, Anna Mae’s charcuterie journey embodies taste, artistry, and community.

    From a young age, Anna Mae recognized her innate passions for both food and creativity. Yet, it wasn’t until she intertwined these two loves that Boujee Bites & Boards was born. A fervent believer in the principle that visually appealing food elevates the tasting experience, Anna Mae embarked on a mission to craft charcuterie that delights every sense. Each board, cup, and table she designs isn’t just about the taste; it’s a visual treat, a testament to her artistic flair and commitment to quality.

    A pivotal moment in Anna Mae’s journey can be traced back to a Thanksgiving gathering. Having just artfully arranged a grazing board, she confided in her father about her aspiration to share her passion with a wider community. This dream solidified when she moved to Arizona in 2022. For Anna Mae, every charcuterie creation isn’t merely a business task; it’s therapeutic, a canvas for her artistry. Her deep-rooted love for what she does springs from the magic of food – its unparalleled ability to bring people together, turning fleeting moments into cherished memories.

    As Boujee Bites & Boards has grown from a dream to reality, Anna Mae is filled with gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead. The community’s unwavering support fuels her dedication to expand, innovate, and reach new culinary heights. With future plans to venture into markets and pop-ups, and introducing features that allow even more accessibility to her creations, Anna Mae’s vision for Boujee Bites & Boards is clear: to continue spreading joy, fostering connections, and celebrating the beauty of shared experiences.


    Why Our Clients Love Us


    After seeing Boujee Bites & Boards at another event, we became obsessed with the variety of food and flavors she includes in her boards and the incredible designs and attention to detail. We had a custom board made for an event and it was all our guests could talk about! Everyone kept filling their plates the entire evening!

    I love that Anna can work off of any theme or have a standard board that will take any event or gathering to the next level. She’s also very reasonably priced as the cherry on top. Can’t recommend enough and we look forward to future charcuteries!

    We ordered a large letter board for our daughters 2nd birthday and what was delivered was beyond our expectations! The board was so beautiful and you can see how much was time and detail was put into it. It was the perfect addition to her day and our guests couldn’t stop talking about it!! Not to mention it tasted AMAZING! So many unique treats! Thank you Boujee Bites & Boards!

    I was looking for a special birthday gift for my wonderful friend. We no longer live in the same town, and I wanted the perfect gift for her. I found Boujee Bites and Boards, so I gave her a call. She was just what I was looking for! And she was so accommodating! Knew exactly what I was looking for! And she delivered it! My friend was tremendously excited when she got the delivery! Thank you so much!

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